To those who know that I grew up in the Midwest, my strong sense of self-reliance and readiness to lend a hand to friends and neighbors may come as no surprise. My odd-ball hobbies probably stem from my dad’s admonishment, “don’t be lazy,” and the sensibility that “making stuff” is both fun and resourceful.  We like to preserve and share the bounty of our garden and trees, and hand-crafted Halloween capes, crowns and costumes fill our basement. My 2 cats are happily taking up any excess attention that my 3 grown children no longer require, though any spare moment or energy is currently directed towards my new consumer health start-up (in stealth mode now, but watch this space for more details.)

What you should know

about me

my dad’s ’75 El Dorado, and yes, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge   

photo/art by Tom Upton

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