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Our Experience and Leadership



Make the best decisions possible about growth of your organization, and execute well in the face of high uncertainty. 

I work across business and functional areas to ascertain the future, define new goals, and align interests for success.



Create new and unique opportunities, and embody design thinking principles, process and culture. 

I dig deep into user experience for insight, leverage technology where applicable, and build your team's capabilities.



Be a source of positive change for your clients, your employees and your community.

My domain expertise includes health care, youth development, philanthropy and social impact.

Identify Your Potential


Innovation Diagnostic for Social Sector Funders

My experience will help you identify and tap into your organization's unique innovation:

  • Understand the current state of innovation in your field. What drives the pace of change? What is the scale of unmet need? What other efforts exist today?
  • Identify your options. What are the pros and cons of different innovation models? Do you want to fund others' work? Influence the field with your point of view? Create and implement new solutions?
  • Develop a plan to increase your impact. What resources and capabilities will you need? Would impact investing, creation of an incubator, or something else best fit with your objectives and timing?

Expand Your Creative Capacity


Innovation Coaching and Capability Development

My expertise in teaching and embedding innovation will help you to build the skills you need for ongoing impact:

  • Internalize innovation. What new skills does your team need? How to best support a creative culture and incentivize appropriate risk-taking?
  • Select and adapt the right framework. Is Design Thinking right for you? How to embed empathy, creativity and iteration into your existing processes and culture?
  • Learn through action. Coach teams and project leaders and support creative change through implementing real projects. 

Cynthia Benjamin, Principal


Work Highlights

Innovation and Strategy Consultant for nonprofit, philanthropy and social impact organizations

Director of Design and Innovation at the Thrive Foundation

Principal Strategy and Management Consultant with Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) and IMS Health

Director of Innovation at IMS Health Innovation Labs

Design Engineer at IDEO


Teaching and Coaching

Lecturer at the in Stanford University's Design Department; courses include Designing for Impact, Forecasting for Innovators, and Strategic Innovation

Other coaching and workshops include creativity, foresight, facilitative leadership and decision strategy at Stanford's Center for Professional Development, Singularity University, Italia Innovation Program, and custom programs for clients and consulting colleagues


About Me

I am a long-time San Francisco Bay Area resident, but I grew up in the Midwest with all the joy and resourcefulness of my grandmother’s  “don’t be lazy” admonitions. My hobbies include creation of textile art, food and cocktails, halloween costumes, and community with friends. My 2 cats happily take up any excess attention that my 3 kids no longer require, and I am currently working on a new consumer health start-up for adults with cognitive decline.


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